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Calculators by Club Member LeRoy Monson

These Calculators may be downloaded for your Personal Use only.  This allowance for Personal Use in no way modifies or limits copyright protection under law against unauthorized Commercial use of these Calculators.

To download these Calculators requires Microsoft Excel (version 5 or higher). If you have any questions or need help please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please Contact Us if you would like to submit Woodworking Support Items you have created that you would like to share with other Woodworkers.

Download >    Calculates the dimensions for rail and stile cabinet doors.
Download >  Calculates the cutting angles for making compound miters.
Download >  Calculates the ideal number of stairway treads given rise and run.
Download >  Calculates a range of optimum speaker enclosure dimensions and volumes based on a desired inside width of the front panel.
Download >  Calculates the angles and dimensions for individual segments of arcs and circles. You only need to enter the number of segments and the inside and outside diameters.  If  you provide your saw blade's actual measured kerf width, it provides the  minimum length of the stock needed to complete one segmented circle, but you may want to allow additional length for spare segments. Although designed to be an adjunct to any favorite bowl segment cutting jig or method, it can be used for any project that incorporates segments of any size; whether a small picture frame, a circular window, or a doorway arch.