Online Payment


You may pay your Club Dues, Seminar Fees or Class Fees with your PayPal Account or if you do not have a PayPal Account you may pay with a Credit Card through PayPal. After Clicking the "Pay Now" Button enter "Payment Amount". Next select the payment method and enter the requested information.

If you were a Member in 2016, your 2017 Renewal Dues are $25 if paid before June 2017. If you pay 2017 renewal dues from June 1st, 2017 through the end 2017, your renewal dues are $30 but with membership extended to end of 2018.

New Member Dues are $30. Reinstatement Dues for prior Members who were not a member in the prior calendar year are $30. If you Join/Reinstate before June 1st, Membership expires at the end of the current calendar year. If you Join/Reinstate from June 1st to the end of that calendar year, Membership expires at the end of the following calendar year.

 Complete "Reason for Payment"

For example: "John Smith 2017 Dues" or "John Smith fee Furniture Seminar".

    Payment Reason

After completing “Payment Reason”, Click “Pay Now"


You will receive an email receipt from PayPal. If you have difficulty, contact:

Doug Rasmussen at 515-252-1617 or Email@dmwoodworkers.com.