Meeting Reviews

May 2017 Meeting Notes
Jim Henry, Secretary

Chuck Haas started the meeting at 7:00 pm. A moment of silence was observed in honor of member Jay Hytone, who recently passed.

Chuck said special thanks to Bob Saunders and Steph Riva for their help in the recently completed Paul Schurch class.

Brenda Rekenthaler reminded the group that it’s time to register if you want to submit a project for the state fair competition. Consult the State Fair website for details.

The Toy SIG recently delivered another 490 toys, bringing the total to 7,274.

Ron Hilliard spoke briefly about the summer tours which have been scheduled. May tour will be a trip to a guitar maker here in Des Moines. July will be a trip to Randy Offenburger’s sawmill. Check the club’s website for more details.

The evening’s program was done by Craig Ruegsegger on enhancing your woodworking projects.

Following the program, show and tell presenters were:

  • Tom Brumbach, Ben DeLong, Shawn Brown, Bill Fanter and Dennis Craig – Marquetry pieces
  • Dave Freligh – Chest
  • Francis Youngblut – Model Tractor
  • Randy Offenburger – Bee Trap
  • Butch McClintic – Cabinet Door
  • Peter Casper – 2 Hand Planes
  • Paul Snyder – Stool
  • LeRoy Monson – Easel

Thanks to all for their contributions!!! 

Attendance raffle winners were: Kevin Quinn, Dave Grieve, Ron Stookey, Shawn Brown, Ron Stoen, Dave Campbell and Hugh Howe.